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Passions dominique & co

Dominique too passionate to be just a photographer ... it's also micro editing with Impressions.

A book / exhibition offered for cancer research.

And wine ... His little Arvine . A Syrah and your Wine that makes your custom wine ...


Landscape, object, personality, light ... inspire us with emotions.

Each of us keeps them, much like a box.

To share my feelings, I had to give the image a sensitive material, lay the subjects in a beautiful object:

My PRINTS are prints on Arches paper, placed in an IMAGE box.

Some boxes are enriched with an author's exclusive text. This makes up a NEW box.

The themed ALBUMS, signed and numbered, are another form of this craftsmanship of the art of the gaze ...

livre d'art limité à 999 ex avec tirage limité

All equal

To pose without any artifice in front of the ruthless lens of the photograph requires courage. And paying in this way in person, to support those who fight against the disease, testifies to a beautiful generosity.
Here is a story of sharing….
We are all equal in the face of disease. Minister, plumber, artist, entrepreneur or secretary, moral and physical suffering strikes without distinction.
To illustrate this point, Dominique Derisbourg has chosen to photograph his models in black and white, posing bare shoulders, without any make-up or artifice, on the same background and under the same light. The ambition here is to reveal each personality, apart from any role or social rank.
The portrait of each character is accompanied by an imprint of their bare feet, symbol of the mark that each leaves on this earth.
A trace as ephemeral as that of a step on the sand of a beach.
To give a particular intensity to the look of the models, the shooting is done in three stages.
The photographer thus triples an exposure time which is usually very short, then superimposes the three images.

Then bursts the force of the gaze.

livre en faveur de fond'action contre le cancer

Your wine

Your Wine is the meeting of 2 enthusiasts to offer you your fully personalized wine.

Not a common wine in a bottle with your logo,


From the choice of grape variety, its region in Switzerland, its vinification, to the dressing of your bottle, which can be personalized to the extreme.

A unique wine.

Your "Haute Couture" wine

livre d'art limité à 999 ex avec tirage limité

Syrah Derisbourg

This “Derisbourg” cuvée was born from the meeting with Dominique Derisbourg, a talented photographer, and from a common desire to create an extraordinary wine with a grape that we both particularly love: Syrah. This grape variety finds one of its finest expression in the Valais terroirs and in particular on the crystalline terroir of Fully.

livre d'art limité à 999 ex avec tirage limité

La Petite has

Little A is the meeting of passionate people

in search of perfection, discovery and sharing.

Henri Valloton, winemaker, breeder in Fully.

Daniel Dufaux, oenologist.

Dominique Derisbourg, photographer.

When the latter dreams of having his own wine as a gift to his most loyal customers,

it brings together the best.

Henri Valloton who supplies his little Arvine de Fully and Daniel Dufaux who brings him up.

This is the birth of little A.

Reserved at the beginning for a privileged few.

You can now enter the very confidential circle of little A.

But beware, only one barrel of this exceptional wine will be available, i.e. 280 numbered bottles.

livre d'art limité à 999 ex avec tirage limité
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