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Creator of visual emotions

"What happens between the moment when the finger is pressed and released? A hundredth of a second, a spark of eternity that is forever elusive, yet determines a before and after, according to Dominique Derisbourg. Impossible to stop time, impossible to fix a precise vision: when you press the shutter, you don't see the result! The magic of photography lies in the discovery of what has been felt but never seen...

If Dominique Derisbourg lends so much mystery to such a tiny space of time, it is because he likes to think that we do not control everything and that chance has its part to play. We understand that this man is allergic to certainties, but that he does everything with passion... "

                                                                  Marie-Pierre Dupont



Dominique Derisbourg, a French-Swiss national, has produced for various brands and magazines,

This allows him to finance his numerous personal projects which are regularly exhibited and published.

These images are available in 

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SwatchBijoux, 3 Suisses, Carrefour, Ebel, Omega, Lacoste,

Swiss Medical Network, Hôtel Le Mirador, Evian Resort, Femina Advantages, Marie Claire, Visilab, Ares Serono, Christie's, Marie Thérèse Chappaz, Cave des Amandiers, ComLot Berne, Henri Valloton, Kudelski, Téfal, Cora, Shell, Agip, Cetelem, Cacharel, Renault, Opel, Camay, Super U, Citibank, France Télécom, BHV, Dupont de Nemours, Mod's Hair, Clinique La Prairie, Le Coucou, Loterie Romande,

La Redoute, Grand Hotel du Lac Vevey, Hotel Richemont Geneva,

Hôtel Beau Rivage Lausanne, Terminus Sierre, Georges Wenger, Philippe Chevrier, Vins Badoux, Chocolat David, Domaine La Colombe, The Omnia ...

Represented in Paris by:

Studio Daguerre Production
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